Why should you claim your business listing?

  • Add additional information like contact details, description and social media links to better present your business to potential customers.
  • Control your listing so you can keep it updated.
  • Listing becomes ‘verified’ adding additional trust and credibility.
  • Feature your listing so that it shows at the top of search results in your area (see specific pricing plans)

  • Get instant email alerts when anyone posts a review about your listing.
  • Add official photos  to make it stand out from the others and show off your business.
  • Add a contact form on your listing so potential customers can get in touch (see specific pricing plan)

How to claim your listing

Click on the ‘Listings & Reviews’ from the menu above and then search for your property or business. If you can’t find it then you can add them at the same time as claiming using the options available on the search page.

Once you have found your business or property then click into the page and you’ll see the option to claim it like below.

claim button