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About you
Tell us a bit more about you

1. How old are you?
2. Gender?
3. Where are you currently renting?

Renting History
Tell us a bit about your renting history

4. How long have you been renting?
5. Why did you leave your last rental property?
a) If you made the decision to leave, how much notice did you give?
b) If you were asked to leave, how much notice were you given?
6. Have you ever been late paying your rent?

Your Current Tenancy
Tell us about your current tenancy

7. What is the length of your current tenancy agreement?
8. If you could choose, what would be your preferred tenancy agreement length?
9. Which of these best describes your rental situation?
10. Did your current rental property come furnished or unfurnished?
11. How many bedrooms are in the property?
12. How much is your rent per calendar month (£)?
13. Please rate how much value for money you think your current rent is? (1 = Terrible value for money, 5 = Excellent value for money)
14. What % of your income goes on rent?
15. How much has your rent increased in the last 12months (£ per calendar month)? enter "0" if no increase
16. How many adults live in the property? (including yourself)
17. How many people under the age of 18 live in the property?

Finding the Right Property
Tell us how you find the perfect property to rent

18. Please select how important each of the below items are to you when selecting a new property to rent. (1  =Not very important, 5 = Very important)
Rental cost
Distance to work
Local amenities
Local schools
Low crime rate
Public transport
Desirability of the local area
Property size
Size of deposit
Length of tenancy
19. How did you find your latest property?
20. When you've viewed properties to rent what has generally been the main reason why you haven't made an offer?
21. Do you use review websites such as likealet.co.uk to check a property before you rent it?

Renting vs Buying
Tell us your thoughts on renting vs buying

22. What is the main reason why you rent?
23. Are you currently saving for a deposit to buy a property?

Landlord / Letting Agent
Tell us about your landlord / letting agent

24. Who do rent your current property from?
25. Please rate your relationship with your landlord/letting agent on a scale of 1-5 (1 = Terrible, 5 = Excellent)
26. Would you recommend your landlord/letting agent to others?
27. What is the average response time for your Landlord/Letting agent to get back to you on queries?
28. Has your landlord or letting agent entered or let someone else enter the property without consent or giving the necessary notice?

Rental Deposit
Tell us about your rental deposit

29. Are you aware of the rules landlords must follow regarding your deposit and the information they must provide you as a tenant?
30. How many weeks rent was your last deposit?
31. How reasonable do you think your rental deposit amount is? (1 = Very unreasonable, 4 = Very reasonable)
32. How did you fund your rental deposit?
33. Did you have any of your deposit withheld when you moved out of your last property? and if yes, what was the main reason given?

Looking Ahead
Tell us what your thoughts are for the future of renting

34. How long do you plan to be renting for?
35. How strongly do you agree/disagree with the below statement? (1 = Strongly disagree, 5 = Strongly agree)

'Tenants should be able to see references of landlords prior to signing any contracts'

36. On a scale of 1-5 how important a factor would 'no deposit' be in choosing your next rental property? (1 = Not very important, 5 = Very important)
37. What questions would you like to see in the next UK Tenants Survey?
38. How likely are you to use likealet.co.uk to review properties, letting agents and service providers going forward? (1 = Very unlikely, 5 = Very likely)



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