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  • You can only submit a review if:
    • You have had a direct service from an agent, property manager or trade/service provider; and/or
    • You have had a direct experience of viewing the property or living in the property as a current/previous tenant.
  • Do not leave a review if you have any connection with the listing being reviewed other than described above. Reviews found to breach this will be removed or rejected.
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How to write a review

  • From the main menu select the ‘Write a Review’ button. You will then be given a search box where you can search by the title of the listing, location and/or the category of the listing you wish to review.
  • If you can’t find the listing you want to review you can use the buttons above the search area to add the type of listing you want to review. You can read how to do this in the listing rules & guidelines.
  • Then complete the review fields in the form noting that those with a ‘*’ are required fields. All information will be displayed publicly with your review unless it says otherwise on the review form.
  • Add a star rating to your review (5 being the best rating; 1 being the lowest)
  • If you are a guest user you will then need to fill out your details remembering that the ‘Name’ you select will be published with the review.
  • Registered users can select their public display name by accessing their ‘Profile’ from the main menu.
  • Double check everything in the review to ensure it adheres to our terms & conditions then click ‘Post Review’ to submit it.
  • Once your review has been posted you will receive and email which will provide a link so that you can edit/remove your review.



Landlords/Agents/Property Mgrs/Trade & Service Providers

  • There is commenting functionality on the site to allow you to professionally and constructively respond to reviews.
  • You must use this commenting functionality in an appropriate manner ensuring you adhere to our terms & conditions.
  • We recommend responding to all reviews whether they are positive or negative.
  • You must not offer any inducements to customers or prospective customers to write a positive review about your business