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7 Weirfield Road, Exeter, United Kingdom
6-9 Weirfield Road Exeter England EX2 GB
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Lovely little house, great area

Lovely little house on a very quiet street in the heart of Exeter, seconds from it’s historic quayside. The rooms are small so it has a ‘cottage’ type feel, lots of character and great views from the bedroom as there aren’t any houses on the other side of the road.

Kitchen was well fitted out with modern oven. Bathroom huge with a decent (if not amazing) shower.

As there are only houses down one side of the road and there is residents permit parking down both sides, parking both of our vehicles was never a problem.

No issues with the house. One winter we had a lot of rain and a damp patch appeared in the bedroom, but it soon dried out without causing any long lasting damp issues.

Our landlord was fantastic, always responsive to any requests/problems.

Walls must be thick as we never heard a peep from either of our neighbours (and they never complained about several late parties we had!).

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December 23, 2011
Date moved out
June 12, 2014
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