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Woodstock Road, London N4 3EX, United Kingdom
52-54 Woodstock Road London England N4 GB
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Damp and mouldy

I lived here for 8 years with 2 other flat mates paying £433 a month each and moved out November 2015 as the flat was being sold and refurbished .The flat was cold and damp and windows rotting and we did most work ourselves but we didn’t mind so much as the rent was what we could afford. after we moved out we found the flat for let a month later with a substantial rent rise . I assumed they just covered up the mould from the leaking roof on the landing with the lick of paint and the windows certaintly weren’t changed. We all had dehumidifiers and extra heaters in our rooms as it was really cold and damp in winter. The agency running it charged our last flatmate for credit checks but no deposit so in that sense they were fair agency. I’d advise Any potential tenant for this place to check if theyve sorted out the damp problems and windows before moving in here

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October 16, 2008
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October 31, 2015
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