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24 Chatsfield Place, London W5 2JD, United Kingdom
24 Chatsfield Place London England W5 2JD GB
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Lovely flat with a great view but beware of the condensation

The flat is in a great location of ealing and is in the top corner of the building so you don’t have any neighbours making noises through the walls. You can hear downstairs but it was no louder than other flats I’ve rented. Its got a great view over the fields at the back which gets the sun first thing in the morning. Even though there is no allocated parking we always managed to get a space.

The downsides to this property was the damp from condensation. Even with a dehumidifier and leaving windows open at night for ventilation the condensation was bad and this caused mould even though we were treating it. However, the landlord did redecorate the flat before we moved in and sounds like he was doing the same after we moved out.

The relationship between landlord, property manager (goview London at the time) and tenant was quite a strange one as we were told the agent managed the property however it turned out they were more of a buffer between tenant and landlord which often felt like things were taking longer than they should to be resolved.

I would recommend the property but hopefully its managed by a different agent now

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March 1, 2014
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March 1, 2015
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