Notice of Complaint of Defamatory Content 

Warning – Any information you provide or statements you make could be used in court. Any false, misleading or inaccurate information provided by you may result in a civil or criminal liability. 

Statements that are true or that reflect an honest opinion (e.g negative reviews) are not usually a basis for defamation by themselves. Before completing a notice of complaint you should consider the facts and relevant laws on defamation seeking legal advice if required.

Like a Let reserves the right to ask for evidence to verify your identify and may also request further information to substantiate your claim.

If you provide incorrect or insufficient information including sending the notice to an incorrect email address or not following the template below then Like a Let  may not be able to investigate your claim. Even though we will use reasonable efforts to identify the potentially defamatory content when notified we cannot be responsible where you have failed to provide sufficient information.

In order to submit a notice of complaint to Like a Let you need to send an email to with the following details:


Subject line of your email: Notice of Complaint to Like a Let – Defamatory Content

 I [enter full name] of [enter full postal address, telephone number and email address] am notifying Like a Let of potential defamatory content as below:

1.     The statement in question appears on the website at [please copy and paste the URL address for the web page containing the defamatory material]

2.     The poster of the statements username is [please copy and paste the username of the poster associated with the defamatory material]

3.     The statement I consider to be defamatory is [please enter the exact words or sentences appearing on the website that you are complaining about]

4.     I deem that this statement is defamatory because [please state exactly why you consider these words to be defamatory]

5.     I believe that the statement is factually inaccurate or opinions are not supported by fact because [please explain exactly which words you believe to be untrue or not supported by fact including you view of the events]


By submitting the above claim I declare that all the information is true and accurate and I understand that any information in this notice of complaint could be used in any court proceedings.