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112, Ashfield Avenue Bushey Herts WD23 4TD
27 Grange Lane London England SE21 GB
Do not rent from him!!

I rented a bedsit from this man.

The bedsit was not fit for human habitation (had no heating whatsoever, the gas cooker and boiler were both in poor condition and dangerous, the wiring was so old the ceiling lights crashed to the floor when you tried to change a lightbulb, there were holes in the windows, black mound all over the bathroom, and it was filthy).

Shortly after moving in I noticed peculiar things happening like things being moved while I was at work, and the smell of cologne. One day I was home sick and Richard Morris suddenly appeared in my bedroom, having let himself in with a key. I pretended to be asleep while he rifled through my drawers (I provided my own furniture so there’s zero reason for him to even touch the furniture).

Later he started harassing me over email. I started keeping the chain on at all times when at home, leading to him repeatedly ringing the bell. One of my neighbours phoned the police to report him trying to break in and he told the police a lot of lies pretending he was trying to gain entry due to being worried about me as I wasn’t answering my door.

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