5 things to ask before going to view a property advertised online…

  • When were the photographs taken, and if any rooms don’t have photos ask why?
  • Are there any issues with the condition of the property not mentioned in the advert such as damp, mould, heating etc?
  • How long did the previous tenant rent the property for and why are they moving out?
  • Who manages the property during the tenancy? This is so you can clarify whether you’ll be dealing with an agent or directly with the landlord, and how that will work.
  • What feedback have they received from any viewings so far?


Some additional tips to help tenants through the renting process…

  • Keep everything in writing – even if an agent or landlord calls you to answer your questions make sure you ask for it in an email too, or at least send them one confirming the conversation.
  • Take plenty of pictures of the property when viewing so you can review closely afterwards. This will help make your decision or ask further questions.
  • Ensure it has an up-to-date gas safety certificate and that its available for you to see.
  • When at the viewing check that everything is in good working order. For example do the blinds, curtains, windows and doors open and close ok; is the water pressure in the shower good?
  • Get confirmation of exactly who has a set of keys to the property as you don’t want unexpected visitors!
Tenants Top Tips!
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